WHFB: 2013 08 17: Dark Elves vs Empire

Byakhee Rich and I had a game of WHFB today…3k…points…:

And the other end:

His gun line:

My Shades got in on the flank of the artillery line:

I took out a cannon but Rich’s artillery dice took out more.

A crooked attack line.

The two blocks attacked each other – the Empire won – just !

But they didn ‘t win easy – 10- RXBowmen made 6 knights bounce off them !

And the Silver Talon leader Samartik and only 5 spearmen fought off 50 Empire spearmen.

But it was only a matter of time. As usual the assassin came armed with as rubber swords.

The Empire prevailed at a great cost.
I had failed to get my Cold One Knights into combat which is where I failed. The War Hydra has got in and torn uP a lot of troops and 5 WOUNDS off the steam tank – not enough it seems.
Never mind…

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  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    My own version of the battle report can be seen here:

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