An unwelcome distraction

No painting for the last few days due to an unwelcome distraction:

The boiler is broken. Not ordinarily a reason to stop painting. However when the engineer came out, he found that it had been leaking inside. The water had leaked out onto the chip[board flooring. Which had warped, and caused the floor to sag.

The suveryor from the insurance company came out confirmed that it would all have to be ripped out. He also commented that unless they could match the tiles, and with the inevitability that some would be damaged being taken up, they would have to replace the entire lot in the utility, and the WC and the kitchen. On top of that they’d probably damage the skirting boards so those would need to be replaced, and that meant re-decorating as well. He hoped the joists underneath were ok, but I’ll only know that when they tear it all out.

So the only paint I’ve seen for the last few days is for the walls, and that’s after looking at new kitchen tiles in builders yards.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, as Byakhee Jon and I have a game planned.

2 Responses to An unwelcome distraction

  1. What a pain for you

    • Oh this is nothing. My late wife and I renovated our first house including a total renovation of the kitchen followed by the bathroom.

      I came back one Friday evening at 6pm to find the builders still upstairs fitting the shower, but the kitchen was in darkness with a set of step ladders in the middle. The electrics were out, so no lights, but I could still see the flood marks on the ceiling.

      I went upstairs to the very silent builders and asked what was going on.

      I then pointed out my wife was due to be home after a day at school (she was a primary school teacher), and that we both knew their boss from our own secondary school and that they could explain this to them whilst I rang for the ambulance.

      Then I went down and watched the TV in the lounge.

      The shower was installed and the kitchen electrics were on by 7pm before my wife got home.


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