AVBCW: 201308 03 – Tea & Sugar Galore ! (Part 1)

Byakhee JP & I had a short notice game today…


A steam lorry carrying the finest tea to Madresfield for the King’s consumption has been ambushed by ne’er do wells and forced off the road shedding its load all over the place. In these straitened times of austerity, forces loyal to the King attempt to rescue this precious cargo.

Sadly, as they were led by Lord Howell, who does not know his east from his west, the Royalist forces have become scattered and confused !

Aspiring third way commander Lord Foy commanded his BUF troops to seize the cargo and win him favour in the royal court.

Set Up

The board is split into two by a road.
d6+3 tea crates are scattered along the road, within 8 inches of a crashed steam lorry that is placed in the middle of the board.
Along with 4 sugar crates

No unit/model may be placed within 18″ of a tea crate at the beginning of the game.
Each tea crate requires 2 models to take it off the board. Ditto sugar crates

Victory conditions

10 points for each tea crate in your possession
5 points for each sugar crate
1 point for each enemy model killed
5 points for each enemy commander or standard bearer killed
3 points for each enemy vehicle destroyed.
3 points for each quarter of the board occupied.

Set Up

My set up – 3×10 infantry units, two Croydon Crushers, an Austin armoured car, HMG, Mortar and command squad. My veterans were to hold the right flank by occupying the pub.

JP’s BUF deployed including his brand new spangly artillery piece…somehow I knew that’d be brought out to play with… πŸ˜‰

On the table:

JP’s weasels advance:

Across the verdant fields the BUF advance:

Some Plod on though.

Whilst my veterans await:

Crossing hedges

There’s always one that doesn’t make it ! πŸ˜€

More to follow, including tales of pub brawls, deviating shells, and more outlandish events.

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  1. Wonderful eye candy there chaps and a great game too

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