AVBCW: 2013 8 03 – Part Two

The Fascists advance:

The Baron of Foy

The patsies also advance:

Lord of err umm somewhere not north anyway…or was that not south ? Err, thanks anyway….

The MHC take a battering:

Though they did have some vehicles to even things up that swooped in and got several tea chests.

Before the BUF deployed their artillery !

Hoiwever, their centre got wiped out:

Their standard bearer got killed, their proud flag left trampled in the muddy field !
Meanwhile their plods moved forward in front of the pub with the Rolls Royce.

Whilst the MHC held out against fierce fire in the centre:

At this point things were looking grim for the MHC…

To be continued.

One Response to AVBCW: 2013 8 03 – Part Two

  1. Great pics and I am looking the batrep chaps

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