Entertaining Spam

From today’s spam messages:

cut the mustard from the money I paid?” (When you vend the money to her), better self smiled abstract replied: “I’d by what mode en route
to, except that unfortunately, there is count me out one penny.
” You anon said: “Really? I love you may earn inside below 10% against 20% avails, I still think you befit be found
very germinal, and can accord I, it seems washed-up,
annex I’m looking because a certain wealthy fair sex.

“This is a very commodities cite a particular, asked I whether I is certain top eleven hack rich distaff side or not, when I answered no, told her, better self abashed the opportunity en route to interact in keeping with you, in this aristocratic feel of humor example, the note is not against betray your intentions. if alter ego was aghast to eyeful inside you abstract say: “I be up to not confide in you
would speak out so!” You engage in not need on cut her, multifarious citizenry strength of purpose simper at this sometimes annex said: “I’m alone kidding!
” Be doing not practice this, it strength of purpose let it go you go bristle the clap hands on! By the above cite a particular, you ignore her, she might say: “I am not
rich, save I’m good!” You looked among her and said: “Good is not fairly, what I need is rich annex inventory.
” Your aim at is not en route to let it go alter difficulties, but the ceaseless against winkle better self

The words are all English…but it’s utter gibberish…its worse than the average AGW denier’s outpourings.

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  1. What the???????????????????????????

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