British Mark IV Tank – female

In the great British summer, the countryside is a buzz to the sound of the strimmer, hedge cutter and mower. However,this week it has been far too hot and there is an eery silence across the country. So I did some painting.

Cue the snorting monstrosity of a Mark IV tank:

Yup, finally got round to finishing one of these beauties off. Armed with machine guns (Hotchkisses or Lewises) only:

Byakhee Rich had pinned them some time ago and I’d done 80% of the painting.

Next up is the Hermaphrodite Mark IV – one sponsson female (machine guns):

One Sponsoon Male (Gun and machine gun).

Then I can get on to the next 6 Mark IVs and give them White/Red markings. 🙂

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