Which genre or game ? II

I sort of ran out of time and space on the previous post to continue my thoughts on which games and genres people play.

Having been into town today and visited my local GW and had a conversation with the shop manager I was inspired to write some more.

Why Warhammer ?

I picked up on Warhammer just as it was swaping over the 2nd Edition, the first red box. Our school had a games club that did random games once a week in the lunch hour and my friend Byakhee Anthony who lured me in with RPGs was key to this. Before I’d moved to the Malverns, I’d only eer done WW1/WW2/Napoleonic Airfix games with Byakhee Stuart, save for a very brief few months when I was engrossed in Fighting Fantasy that read whilst our family lived with my grandparents as our house was built. We’d read The Hobbit in our English classes and I was intrigued by LOTR.

So lots of new shiney toys were presented to a 12 years old kid. Well that was what caught me.

Lots of fantasy figures as Citadel entered their Golden Age, for a young lad who had started reading fantasy fiction, then read LOTR and there was no looking back. I also got lucky as a group mof us wen to The Last Citadel Open Day. Mecca ! GW/Citadel were flogging off Forces of Fantasy the Warhammer 1st Edition supplement for £1, and clearing stock of metal based figures.

Being Evil is Good

What also helped was out group raised money for charity – the son of the local games shop had developed cancer and so we had a marathon session to raise money for the unit he was being treated in. The longer our forces could stay active, the more money raised.

Note 1: We raised £130 … not £30…which back in 1985 was a considerable sum for 6 kids to raise on their own initiative.
Note 2: Our efforts gained GW’s attention, and we were sent a copy of their new Judge Dredd RPG along with figures, courtesy of Bryan Ansell.

The ‘hefty tomes’ of the rules were but magazines compared to today’s hard back !

So, as one of the first mass produced games systems, with a strong product base to support it, and a peer group to play with Warhammer caught me. We;’ve stuck with it for consistency, and nostalgia.

It may not be the best fantasy wargame system out there, but it has stuck. Its a bit like Betamax vs VHS. And its still with us today.

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