Which genre or game ?

My old Byakhee Stuart askedwhy I was so keen on the RCW/BoB genre, and that got me thinking. The brain cell processed a lot of thoughts, some of them vaguely sentient. And ended up encompassing a number of arguments as to why I liked certain genres and games, and not others.

For instance, I love wargaming, role-playing etc, but am totally disinterested in most board games except for a fleeting change of direction.

So, my random thoughts coalesced:

Why I like RCW/BoB

  • I found and read “Farewell to the Don”, whilst we briefly lived with my grandparents before moving to the Malverns. It was a very evocative book with fascinating photos of a war I had never heard of before, and as an 11 year old made a big impression.
  • My family then watched “Dr Zhivago” and whilst I didn’t immediately make the connection, that too made an impression. We also watched “Lawrence of Arabia”.
  • Having been totally turned off history in my secondary education, rediscovered an interest whilst at university along with historical wargaming ideas.
  • Through my twenties I read even more history books, and even did an A level in Economic History so absorbed even more knowledge about the era and the momentus changes wrought by WW1.
  • Mark Copplestone then brought out his BoB range and I was hooked – a top class designer doing figures of a period I was very interested in.
  • More research followed and this period seemed to be the happy medium of infantry, cavalry, artillery, a/c, and tanks none of which were the uber-monsters of WW2.
  • And you had some great characters which you could use to go down the pulp adventure route very very easily.

Ok, so far and so good, but you need more than an interest in the period to get buying shiney stuff. A bit of research showed that you could have any number of factions:

  • Reds
  • Whites
  • Blacks (Makhno et al)
  • Greens
  • Czechs
  • Germans
  • Austro-Hungarians
  • British
  • British-Indian
  • French
  • Greek
  • Basmachi
  • Turk
  • American
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Mongolian
  • Finnish
  • Estonian
  • Swedish…volunteers for the Finns and Ests
  • Baltic Landwehr
  • Latvian

Now forgive me for saying that gives players a huge latitude to mix and match different armies, and their latest cool shiny stuff. The various armies also shared a lot of equipment and were inter-mixed.

So for instance, this week’s purchase has been a unit of Swedish infantry. Backed up by one of their tanks – the Leichter Kampfwagen II which was a German tank (prototype) they flogged to Sweden after WW1.

These troops can be used for Swedish volunteers in Finland and Estonia. They can be used as Finns and Estonians equipped with Swedish stuff. They can be used as a “what if” scenario in the Baltic area if Sweden got more involved. They can be used alongside German and British figures given both their countries supplied equipment to Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

So, to summarise, the RCW and BoB genres, provide a huge range of combatants, a huge range of equipment that is not the uber mensch of WW2, and a very diverse potential for “what if” scenarios pairing very diverse historical armies together.

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  1. Stuart Priest says:

    Ohh I see. I just thought you had a thing for men in furry hats.

    • I’m sure given the chance, I’d have a penchant for women in furry hats..and nothing else… šŸ˜‰

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  2. Stuart Priest says:

    I can’t imagine why, I’m just one step away from a muff comment, must be good, must behave..

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