Last week Spades, caught his first Rabbit.

All three cats were out there busily and studiously ignoring me !

As you can see his fur coat is not in good shape – visits to vets have preceeded this photo, and since then a phone call has seen him on tablets due to stress. However, his front quarters are glossy, his eyes bright, and if he is able to catch a rabbit, bring it home and prevent the other two from taking it off him, he’s a healthy chap.

However, the cats don’t get everything, this hedgehog has been frequenting my garden most nights, and is brave enough to come up almost to the patio doors, even when I have the lights on, TV on and the doors open. he’ll also let me (just) touch him, which is amazing. After I did that once, no more, let him get on with his life.

He can’t have been that scared, as he came back the next night. Not the first time I’ve seen hedgehogs in the garden, but not so frequently.

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