WHFB: DE Cold One mounted Characters

So with the Cold ONe theme continuing I rummaged into the Dark Elf Characters box and found several heroes mounted on Cold Ones that needed some TLC to finish off so I could deploy them on the field of battle.

Two easy ones. Old metal Sorceress added to new plastic col one, just shavede off a bit of the saddle. Even easier, old metal COK commander, a classic pose.

More of a kit bash this one. New plastic cold one and COK legs. Added a Corsair torso and arms. However, I had to clip the sea dragon cloak to pieces and then re-assemble to make it flow over the rear of the saddle and cold one. Added some liquid greenstuff to blend it in (after taking the photos).

The legs had got a bit damaged so didn’t sit right on the normal flat base, so I’ve glued a 20mm square base on top to make a step and make the pose more dramatic as befits a hero. As you can see the rider is wielding a RXB which should be an unwelcome surprise for my enemies.

In the middle, the latest metal mounted hero, simply swapped onto a plastic cold one and COK legs – a pretty trivial conversion I did simply to use up spare parts because I wanted to do the conversion on the left: metal cold one with face armour; with plastic COK torso; and old metal COK lance. Makes a unique and cool model IMHO. On the right, we have Malus Darkblade simply shifted on to one of the new plastic cold ones. So six extra unique hero models to paint up this week.

2 Responses to WHFB: DE Cold One mounted Characters

  1. Stuart Priest says:

    Cool. Apparenty, if BOLS is to beleived, Dark Elves are being updated this coming autumn. Expect plastic executioners/black guard amongst other things. I know you probably don’t NEED any more but since when was this hobby about what you needed?

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