WHFB: Dark Elf Cold One Knights – second unit

Now that I have at least one unit of every type of unit for my Dark Elves, my eye is turning to the characters I should be using, and also to expanding the special units selections.

The prime example is my Cold One Knights, as I only have 10 built and painted. This is a useful size, but having been pummelled into the dust last time round by Byakhee Jim’s massed Bretonnian knights have found them too small a unit to withstand more than a few casualties prior to the all important charge into combat.

So I rummaged around and found 10 Cold Ones I’d previously built, and even managed to get them to rank up. This would be the nucleaus of a second unit. Getting them to rank up is difficult due to the length of the blighters. So my advice is plan for the units when you buy and assemble them.

So some of them are leaning to L/R at the sides and he back. Next problem, was to make the unit distinctive and choose the same shields for all 10 to make them cohesive.

Good job I have a big bitz box, so this is being written as the glue dries. The bitz box contains loads of bitz from various Dark Elf sets so I can mix and match freely which helps when it comes to making unique character models…

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