A few days off of painting, I’ve been watching fil-ums, planning the next AVBCW game with JP etc….

Bridge Over the River Kwai

An epic film by David Lean, if you haven’t watched this, shame on you. Alec Guinness plays the stiff backed British Colonel who keeps his troops together but at the end realises his pride over building the bridge is betraying the Allied effort and betraying the Allied commandos lead by Bill Holden et al.

Whilst a film of its age (post WW2 1960’s) it is fascinating in many levels and is ready to be plundered for waragames scenarios.


Depression era hill-billy gangster film by Nick Cave.

Hmmm, better than expected, not as action orientated as expected but on reflection, what I should have expected.
ideal fodder for AVBCW,
Oh, and it has a shoot out over a bridge, with a venal anti-hero.


A sub standard Alien homage – get it at cheap rates only. A few good ideas but, no, not really bothering with.

Good ideas for an RPG scenario. Otherwise a B Movie.

Why add the films I weatch to this blog ?

because many good wargaming scenarios can be culled from films, and as well as the plots you can cull the characters, add in loads of puns, in jokes and so on and so forth.

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