BoB Big Game 2013 06 22: Final Part !

So what were the results ?

Table 1:

  • After an inconclusive artillery battle, the White Cossacks had charged and achieved a mixed bag of results.
  • The Turks and Reds, had failed to push their forces into the village.
  • A technical draw as neither side could hold the village.

Table 2:

  • The outnumbered AFSR had held off the unholy alliance of germans, Reds and Don Cossacks, before their greater numbers came to bear.
  • But by then their numbers were depleted to such an extent that they concluded they had lost the village.

Lessons we learnt:

  • The rules of “Went the Day Well?” work in this genre as well, but…
  • We need to add in some rules to improve the genre themes.
  • Reliance on Cavalry as opposed to Tanks or A/Cs, changes the dynamics of how forces work.
  • t’s got a higher rate of casualties, so therefore, an extra unit at least should be added / increase unit size.

So that’s what we’re set on doing… šŸ™‚

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