Gnawing Cats, Spamming Poles, and DVDing Neighbours

Well my plans to finish off a load of stuff are facing some serious road blocks.

BlackJack secured another rabbit last night and proceeded to gnaw it all evening, before being predictably sick all over the kitchen floor.

In the last 48 hours I’ve received over 50 spam e-mails from the same IP address in Poland. Luckily I can delete them in bulk. Its just annoying. Those are the ones that got through the filters.

And then my elderly neighbour wanted help in setting up her DVD to record something on Friday night off of the TV.

Luckily I got back home to a courtesy copy of Miniature Wargames, having been a previous subscriber of Battle Games. A very nice and decent thought by the publishers. I think I’ll re-subscribe to the newly merged magazine.

More to follow, after yet another Parish Council meeting…

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