This weeks challenge

So, my BoB Big Game is on this coming Saturday, which will provide plenty of eye candy and good conte.

Slight problem – here’s the pile of lead and resin to paint by Friday 6pm (after which I’m down the village hall setting the tables and scenery up):

  • 1st Corps buildings x3, only one has had a lick of paint yet
  • Ruined farmhouse multi part kit, and the interior is detailed, barely undercoated
  • two mortars and crew base coated only
  • two HMGs and crew base coated only
  • mounted command x3 not even assembled
  • large command group requring final coat
  • Lewis LMGs x2 (ditto)
  • Austn Putilov x2 basecoated only
  • Garford-Putilove (ditto)
  • Erhart, undercoat only

This is a monster of a building, I believe by Moon Dragon that is now OOP.

Oh, and in between all that I now find I am chairing the Group Parish Council meeting on Tuesday (3 Parishes), which has some tasty contentious subjects to resolve, and on Thursday the Village Hall Committee AGM, where the chairman stands down.

No pressure.

One Response to This weeks challenge

  1. Stuart Priest says:

    you know I’d give you a hand if I lived closer!

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