Missed Milestones

Having been busy painting and planning Big Games this spring has resulted in me missing reporting on three milestones for this blog:

(1) I’ve been running it for a year;
(2) There’s been over 400 posts (and two dozen pages);
(3) It’s had over 20,000 visitors.

Are any of these important ?

Only no.3

There’s no point in doing a blog that no-one looks at. With an average of 50 views per day I think that’s adequate feedback that some people like this blog.

What have I learnt ?

(1) You need good content;
(2) You need good content;
(3) If you want a lot of hits, hit the forums !
(4) You need lots of good content;
(5) Get a good camera;
(6) Take picture of…good content…
(7) WHFB is the biggest draw, not historicals.

Actually I don’t hit the forums more than about once a month. It really does feel like pimping yourself out.

What have I achieved ?

(1) A repository of my group’s gaming events, which was the principle aim.
(2) Recruited new people to the group.
(3) Advertised my favourite manufacturers.
(4) Maintained my web master-y skills.

For the future:

(1) Get more good content;
(2) Improve photography skills
(3) Get more good content…

As a sign off, ~I won’t compromise the content, for the number of hits I get.

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