BoB/RCW: At Last

At last, I have completed all the Cossack cavalry:

A double sized GW Case completely full of cavalry….

Yup 80+ Cavalry…

I oped the box after nearly 10 years of ignoring it, and have spent three months finishing painting the contents.

Just in time for the contents to fire up the BoB game I am sorting out in two weeks time.

(NB: MIssing figures are being varnished currently)

4 Responses to BoB/RCW: At Last

  1. jp1885 says:

    That’s a massive achievement mate – well done!

  2. Stuart Priest says:

    impressive! most impressive……so what is it with the Russian Civil War that floats your boat?
    why not say Ancients or the Renaissance era? or perhaps the powdered wigs of the Seven Years War?

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