BoB German HMGs

First trache of painted Germans for my BoB scenario I will be running in June.

Two HMGs, both by Great War Miniatures (North Star Miniatures are the distributors).

For the second I swapped the spotter for a German NCO to be able to distinguish the two HMGs.

Painted using Foundry Early War(2) German uniform colour.
Should have been published yesterday but the static grass had not dried out in time before my social engagement.

BoB/RCW: Kuban Cossacks

Here’s a bunch (well 16) of Kuban Cossacks in traditional Circassian outfits:

I did the epaulettes as red rather than silver to help make them stand out.

When I should have done their collars…

And one for the command squad…

WHFB: DE Black Dragon

Next big item:

Saddle is left empty so I can mix and match figures as the model takes the old metal Cold One Knights..

Options for the riders to come…

WHFB: Dark Elf Manticore II

Here it is with the rider:

Produced back for WHFB v6, when Beastmasters were a hero type for DE (a poor choice), the rider came as a multi part kit:

Holding onto the Manticore by its Mane, the Beastmaster has a long lance like weapon.

Needless to say, the weapon/arm is attached at a strategically weak point so needed pinning.

The rider also needed pinning onto the model as well. So the rider got a pin up its posterior….

This means I can remove the rider should he be killed leaving the mount on the table.
For the second model I have they will be integral.

A stitch in time saves Nine

But five stitches in your chest, really fracking hurts.

Yup minor operation time, very bizarre to have a conversation with the doctor as they’re cutting into you.

Such is life.

Still enforced immobility means some more visual goodies on the way.

Industrial Scale Wargaming II

Now I am preparing for the BoB Big Game in June. So needing some base paint, and needng some basing material I headed on down to my DIY store…

Yes ! 50p. For a bag of sharp sand of 10lbs or more just because it has been pierced and has lost a bit of its contents…50p !!!! 50p !!!!!
Adios GW…

And here is the new paint pot, another 2.5 Litres of base paint.

Spring is finally here:

A thrush has been collecting bugglies from the lawn outside my study window for the last few days….

Burger !

Painting curtailed due to early arrival of BBQ guest. I had spent the morning at my local butchers, investing in some heart stoppingly large burgers that they do…

That’s not a knife Burger…
This is a knife Burger !

Yup about an inch thick.

But size isn’t everything but when BBQ’d this burger, did not shrink, did not shed much fat onto the BBQ, and did not become dry and dessicated…

Organic, local beef and onions, all raised within 10 miles of the City of Carcosa (probably within two miles as the Butcher’s family own one of the local farms). Complete with plastic processed cheese slice ! 😉

Reminds me of an old Frankie Goes to Hollywood B-side….Don’t lose what’s left of your Little Mind

I am The Count, this is my song.
A coffee, a burger, you cant go wrong.

Rock me Daddio.
Rock it.

I am The Count and I love to wear silk stockings on my head.

Sing it my pretty sing.

Hip hop, be bop,

I am The Count, this is my song.
A coffee, a burger, just sing along.

Rock it.

Take it to the bridge, take it up, up, up, up.


Our chance living in the mystical powers.
Instead I am here alone, a bird in a cage.
I will spread my wings and head home.


Sock it to me baby.

Burger, burger,

One coffee, two burgers, three ham and cheese burgers,
and one chicken sandwich.
Poor on the mayo, pass me the relish.
Some more onion rings

WHFB: Dark Elf Manticore

Been a while for WHFB, but this has been on my WIP table for some time along with a few other larger models for WHFB:

This is the first of two Manticores I have ridden by Beastmasters (as per the 6th Edition WHFB Army Book):

A nice model if tricky to paint.

The photos seem to have reddish hue to the Foundry Bay Brown paint I used on the body.
The wings were painted with my usual black undercoat, Foundry Charcoal Grey highlight followed by a GW Nuln Oil wash. I note the new wash seems to have a gloss effect in the recesses….

The rider is to follow.

Though my local GW shop Manager is nearly trained to my needs, he wasn’t aware that GW did this model ! 😉

BoB/RCW: Cossack Standards

In preparation for June’s Big Game of BoB, I’ve done some Cossack Infantry Standard Bearers:


  • Don Cossack Host
  • Kuban Cossack Host
  • Terek Cossack Host

These are all Copplestone Castings models with steel pin standards and colour print out flags edged with paint.

The Don Cossacks started out as the most organised and independent of the Cossack Hosts partially due to their size and support from the Germans, but after initial losses to the Bolsheviks in 1918 were largely subordinated to the Volunteer Army/AFSR. The Kuban Host was less organised, but remained independent before crumbling along with the AFSR in 1920. The Terek Host was the least numerous and least well organised.

I also did some more Shock Troops for command squads:

These are all Brigade Games figures.

Apart from the Lewis LMG guy who is Copplestone.

Industrial scale wargaming

Much like the rest of my life’s activities, I am engaged in industrial scale wargaming.
My gardening involves mini-diggers.
My DIY involves builders, personally knocking down walls and generally gutting rooms of everything.
So it is the same with my wargaming:

The plastic box is a six by four inch tray about an inch deep that was full of my mix of sand, ballast and gravel about two months ago.

Now all gone.

At the w/e I ran out of black undercoat and nearly ran out of varnish spray – in both cases I keep a ‘buffer’ can of spray…so I must have been getting through it at a great rate of knots. Similarly my brushes wore out. I’ll be posting some more suggestions to reduce costs for all these basics – it has been suggested that 10-20% of our gaming budget is spent on the basics so anything to reduce that is beneficial.

Good job I have some Evidence(TM) for all this activity to come shortly….