WHFB: Lots of quick games tournament style – Final Part

Empire vs Ogres

This time it was Rich running his Empire army vs Neil’s Ogres.

Last game of the day…

As usual the lone Sabre tusk tried to flank the enemy to pick off artillery crew…only 5 Archers got in its way…

While the mournfangs charged forward with a similar road bump in the way.

The first set of archers defeated the sabre tusk !
But the second set did not fare so well, except to line up for some charges by cavalry and a flank charge of some swordsmen…

Which defeated them in combat, whilst the rest of the Ogres moved forward.

Neil commented afterwards:

We had to call the game turn 3 as it was getting late but was obvious I would have lost in the end. Again I thought I was doing ok then took a cannonball to the Bruiser Bsb’s face which killed him outright. The Mournfang took a double charge off some knight and swordsmen which nearly went in my favour but in the end lost and were run down.
I loved the leadbelcher/firebelly combo and should probably have stayed back longer but it was getting late so charged with the Ironguts. Game over.


This was our first tournament style event (and first WHFB session in the hall). Sadly one of our number was struck down by an allergy and didn’t make it, but we coped well enough so that everyone got at least two games in.

We could easily have done two more tables if more people came. The 5-6 people is also a tricky mid point. Too many to host in my dark tower, enough to hire the hall, but not hire in catering (a couple of pizzas did get over cooked as learnt to cope with the hall’s cooker).

Having only 1200 points is a very different game to the normal 2500-4000 that our group plays. Having 4×4 tables instead of 6×4 or bigger also brings in new tactics.

A fun day which we shall have to repeat.

One Response to WHFB: Lots of quick games tournament style – Final Part

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    It was a shame we had to stop early in this game, I managed to make better use of my army in this game, which was fought across a wider battlefront than the game against Jim’s Brets. I was particularly pleased with the misdirecting archer detachments and the White Wolves feint up the flank went well. But will Neil fall for those again? I doubt it!

    All in all, it was a fun day with some entertaining games played in a good spirit. Definitely a format to return to.

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