WHFB: Lots of quick games tournament style – Part 2

Empire vs Bretonnians

Jim brought a mass of k-nigits in three columns to take on Rich’s Empire army that was built around a mass of Halberdiers.

There were also pegasi, and Rich came packing a hell blaster and a cannon.

Though from overhead screams of woe, I think there was a lot of missfires rolled.
The forces clashed in the middle of the table in a swirling melee.

Though the Empire archers ran away and hid.

The melee culminated with the Halberdiers getting into the thick of it.

A victory for the Brettonian knights

One Response to WHFB: Lots of quick games tournament style – Part 2

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Jim’s tactics were spot on, but my dice rolls were lousy. The hellblaster misfired first shot and was overrun while the crew were still repairing it, the cannon missed with two shots before finally taking down one of those pegasi. And then the Bretonnian General escaped being run down while fleeing combat (boo! hiss!) by just 1″. THe magically assisted halberdiers defeated one unit of Knights, but ultimately were beaten by the tin-canned garlic munchers…

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