Scenery: Revolutionary Roads

I saw on TMP a new product – Revolutionary Roads, and in need of some dirt tracks for the upcoming BoB Big Game thought I’d get some of them taking advatage of the 10% discount for pre-orders.

The sets you get are quite large – about 18 foots worth of road for £44. The pieces are made out of black latex cut to size with rough surfaces.

I boubght the three inch wide roads, here they are with some Copplestone Ragged White Rusians on one inch wide Renadra bases:

Here are the different components:

Hopefully there will be more.
As they are dirt roads, I can also use them for AVBCW:

They came in plastic bags, and s far have shown no sign of the rough surface material flaking off. So far this looks like a good investment.

I left one piece draped over one of the BoB rolls and the material adopted the shape/contours within minutes.

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