WHFB: Dark Elf Manticore II

Here it is with the rider:

Produced back for WHFB v6, when Beastmasters were a hero type for DE (a poor choice), the rider came as a multi part kit:

Holding onto the Manticore by its Mane, the Beastmaster has a long lance like weapon.

Needless to say, the weapon/arm is attached at a strategically weak point so needed pinning.

The rider also needed pinning onto the model as well. So the rider got a pin up its posterior….

This means I can remove the rider should he be killed leaving the mount on the table.
For the second model I have they will be integral.

3 Responses to WHFB: Dark Elf Manticore II

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    That’s come out really well 🙂 Any thoughts of changing the look or pose of the second one so they aren’t identical on the battlefield? Or perhaps converting or replacing the rider?

    • The Manticore itself would need major surgery to make a change to its pose, and as it’s already built, unlikely unless I can pick up a third on e-bay cheap…hmmm… 😎

      Now the rider is a different matter, and I could either build the second one as the vanilla option and greenstuff the rider in, and then re-visit this model and have a different rider with a pin up the posterior….

    • Or I could just buy a third copy on evil-bay for £15 (inc P&P) and have another option.

      Oops…I just did.

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