AVBCW 2013 04 13: The Battle of Much Marcle Ridge II

The full table, with the western edge of the ridge on the right hand side – a steep and wooded hill side leading up to the top of the ridge, whilst the eastern side was slightly less steep and open with fields and a farm.

The Anglicans and their allies deployed on the steep slope, the BUF on the other side. Both were hampered by difficult terrain halving movement, and restricting lines of sight, so cards were deployed (including blinds) to simulate the fog of war.
The first units are revealed – BUF cavalry under Captain Arrowsmith.

Flanking the ridge, a BUF HMG and an Anglican unit square off.

The first fight for the Transmitter sees the Anglicans pushed back – just – after the BUF manage to shell their own troops by mistake. The Anglicans had planted bombs in the farmhouse and barn. The bomb in the farmhouse failed to go off, which was just as well for the BUF as a command squad and a unit of spotters would have been wiped out otherwise. The bomb in the barn went off giving the BUF some propaganda.
Meanwhile the Anglicans and BUF are slowly exposed.

The BUF cavalry attempt a charge and fail (by an inch).

The Anglican HMG and Field Gun are finally revealed.

The BUF sniper shot at and failed to kill the Bishop, due to the Medics rule, but subsequently shot a Vicar (NCO).

Both sides stalled, neither wishing to commit troops over the ridge, but the BUF had troops in the transmitter’s area, had outflanked the Anglicans and so won the game. Had it gone on longer…

Best bits:

  • The Sniper shooting the Bishop…only for the Medic rule to save him
  • The Bombs going off – a real shock for the BUF
  • The spotting rules – the Veteran BUF spotted the Anglicans early on, much to their shock even though they were in woodland – a lucky roll, but within the rules.

Bad bits:

  • I should have ruled more decisively on the ridge and spotting rules
  • The WTDW rules were ambiguous on a number of cavalry related rules
  • Tym rolled abysmally for the “to kill” rolls, about one wound in 17 to hit rolls which really hit the Anglicans’ chance of success

Next time round for the game “A Ridge too Far“, I will simplify the spotting rules and ensure that they are written down, that all players have read them beforehand, and dedicate a good 30 minutes to explaining them to the confused and befuddled players.

AVBCW 2013 04 13 The Second Battle of Much Marcle 1

The Latest News

Reports are coming in of a cowardly attack by renegade elements formerly associated with the Church, on the Westons Cider Factory in Much Marcle.

Apparently using primitive armoured tractors sold to them by the mercenary Sutton, they made an unprovoked attack on the factory where the visiting South African Rugby Team had stopped off for a well earned drink as they moved up to support the brave BUF forces defending the Much Marcle Ridge Transmitter.

They were supported by other renegade elements including the Twiggy Mommet protestors (no doubt on their way to despoil and plunder the cider stocks). These more sophisticated bandits employed strange new tankettes.

However, this was all to no avail as the SA Rugby Team, with the natural defenders (The Stowfords Pressed Militia) beat them off. The Stowfords pressed militia in an exclusive interview a long way behind the front lines by the privy announced they had taken no casualties. Physiotherapists speaking on behalf of the SA Rugby Team indicated they had not been so lucky with several sprained wrists and ligament injuries, though they dismissed any claims that head injuries sustained would be a nuisance for their rugby team.

In totally unrelated news

The Rev R R Verity has announced from his hospital bed, that he will be temporarily unavaiblable for his usual Sunday service, as will his verger, ushers, and organist. The present Government’s policies on mortars are blamed for their temporary absence.

More to follow.

Meanwhile, an American auctioneer was found to be flooding auctions with spurious descriptions of his wares.

AVBCW 2013 04 13: The Battle of Much Marcle Ridge I

Incoming News Reports from Much Marcle !

Loyal British subjects of HRH King Edward will be heartened to hear that BUF elements under the command of Captain Arrowsmith have thwarted a dastardly plan by disloyal criminal elements in Herefordshire.

Their assault on the Radio wireless transmitter at the top of Much Marcle Ridge were defeated.

In addition, these disloyal criminal elements recklessly planted bombs in the local farmhouse and adjacent barn in an attempt to cause death and injury to Captain Arrowsmith who was temporarily billetted at the farm, his staff with absolutely no regard for farmer Giles and his extensive family of cats. (Domestic cats, not large felines like Abysinnian Lions, which are still at large near the Malverns)

Luckily the bomb in the farmhouse planted by these shoddy amateurs failed to explode, but the one planted in the barn did explode.

Farmer Giles, who had only recently renovated the barn was dismayed to see it go up in flames, along with many poor innocent new lambs who were burnt to death alive in the raging inferno.

Asked what he thought of the Anglicans and their allies, he wisely articulated the phrase that they should:

Get orf moi land

…whilst brandishing a shotgun. (Reporters assume it was only accidentally being waved at them)

A whip round amongst the BUF troops raised enough money for a job lot of mint sauce to ensure the roast lamb did not go to waste.

More details to follow.

Meanwhile reports are coming in of a simultaneous assault on the Westons Cider brewery…

WHFB: Dark Elves vs Lizardmen 2013 04 08

Another short notice game, after a particularly busy w/e. WHB 3k points.

I refused one flank:

My centre was made up of COK and COC, with a hero on Manticore (sadly not painted due to the w/e’s changed schedule):

Jim had two solid blocks of Saurus surrounded by clouds of Skink skirmishers:

May army surprised Jim, however he had a few disruptive tactics himself.
I won the dice off to go first, and then it all went horribly wrong.

Yup my COK and one of the chariots failed their stupidity tests in what became a litany of disastrous LD tests. My main block o spearmen failed an LD test, and then failed again (despite the BSB), so they headed off to the edge of the board

My chariot did get in amongst the Skinks and wipe them out, but the COK ran away from the carnosaur and Saurus unit, and kept running away.

My Manticore swooped into a Salamander and wiped it out, only for the Manticore to succumb to massed (poisoned) skink fire.

The Chaos Portal, granted the skinks WS10 I10 etc…so they got wiped out by the RXBs

The single chariot continued into the Saurus but was flank charged by the Ancient Stegadon and was destroyed, the rest of the army was by now running hither and thither and my line was totally broken.

The Skinks backed up by a Saurus on CO had charged my RXB unit, but bounced off in one of the rare glimmers of light to Jim’s dismay, but it was too little too late.


The game ended with very few casualties on either side. I’d lost a few spearmen and RXBs, the manticore and a cold one chariot. Hardly enough to break an army really. Jim has lost a Salamander, and 40 skinks, similarly not enough to really break an army. It was however a win or Jim because my army had repeatedly failed LD tests and my line was broken. I might have saved something but I would have been hemmed in and out manoeuvred so he could pick me off one by one. I think I’ll be taking a standard of discipline next time.

Jim also did not bring a single magic user and in a complete reversal of his normal tactic of dominating the magic phase, gave it over to me, and of course I’d loaded up on magic stuff to counter magic (dispel, feedback scrolls, ring of Hotek etc…200 points wasted).

More disruptive tactics to follow. 😉

The March Violets – Sold to the Devil

Purple Pledgers got the download of The March Violets new double album Made Glorious today.

If you want to listen to a stereotypical Gothic dirge, you’ll be disappointed. Oh dear, poor petals…

If you want to listen to a musically and lyrically diverse album with a gothic punk vein on a massive load of dance disco stimulants then you’ll be very happy. Pirates everywhere will be happy.

The Psycho Killer lives next door,
Washes the car,
Mows the lawn,
And takes the dog out for a walk.
(It’s nothing personal)

Indeed, if you want to listen to a gothic pirate sea shanty then Ramming Speed is for you !

When I was the size of a bottle of rum,
I was sold to the devil,
By my evil old Mum!

Sold for the price of a barrel of gin,
A hand full of ‘baccy
And a silver pin…

This is a really great album from a really great band, not some plodding retro luke warm dish re-tread. This is off-beat manic stuff. Its not an “easy” album to listen to by any means, but it is a keeper. The March Violets always came out with real odd stuff like “Long Pig” and “Bon Bon Babies” and this album continues this theme. I can see where they get some of their inspirations.

The tracks relased on the previous EPs also receive a lot of re-working – some subtle like on London’s Drowning, but more radical changes like on We Are All Gods which mixes the live version with an almost EBM crunching drum machine and synth.

I’m looking forward to the remixes as well – oh dear another Purple Pledger exclusive…


A few weeks ago I sent out a note to all the usual suspects to try and organise some games over the coming months. I sort of assumed we’d do some games round my house with 2, 3, 4 or maybe 5 of us. What actually happened was I got 6 people on one day for AVBCW, so decided to hire the village hall, at which point another 3 people also wanted to come along !

This resembles Bistromathematics:

The first non absolute number is the number of people for whom the table is reserved. This will vary during the course of the first three telephone calls to the restaurant, and then bear no apparent relation to the number of people who actually turn up, or to the number of people who subsequently join them after the show/match/party/gig or to the number of people who leave when they see who else has turned up.

So JP and I have concocted a scenario, altered, altered it again, written a second separate scenario and hve re-written that. The observant will have noticed all this going up on this site under the AVBCW menu.

As we now have several people coming who aren’t au fait with the rules we are using, we are also working on a Platoon generator, that will work for AVBCW/RCW/BoB, the first version is also available for review, so if you’re interested, look, read, reflect, cogitate and comment please.

In the meantime 40 Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys for WHFB are nearing completion along with RCW/BoB terrain.

WHFB: Temple of Skulls terrain

Another new terrain piece described, as adjudicated by Gav A and myself.

Details here.

A Party – listening to a New Album

For the good boys and girls (and everyone in between), the new March Violets album (Made Glorious) should be played this Sunday (7th April) for all the Purple Pledgers, with live commentary/interaction with the band members.

An idea that we had was to have a kind of listening party where we (the band members and you) could all simultaneously listen to the new Album and chat about it online.

In the meantime, all the rest of you, will have to make do with existing stuff. Sometimes kick starter stuf is really rewarding. get behind your band, sculptor or favoured company and put your money where your mouth is please !

Some idea of what these peeps are like…