Cats can get stressed

Yes, Cats can get stressed, and one of mine is. Spades went to see the Vetette in February for worming and to check out his numerous missing chunks of fur. Since then his fur has worsened.

So after some feline gymnastics this morning to get him into the carry case, and then some more human gymnasatics to get him out of the carry case, the Vetette declared he was probably stressed and fighting with both his brother and neighbouring Cats and then excessively grooming any wounds/missing fur.

So he got a shot of steroids to calm him down. Then we couldn’t put the carry case back together, stressing him some more.

Then we got back home, to find my cleaner, hoovering up all the chunks of fur off of the lounge carpet. Which stressed him some more as he doesn’t like strange Beanettes, especially those making noise (hoovers).

After she’d left he needed TLC and was getting in the way of painting, then the other two miscreants turned up and wanted TLC…

A great start to the day…

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