Special Guest Superstar DJ: The Transmitter

A new Special Guest Superstar DJ: Roo.

Yup, he made the transmitter for the recent Big Game of AVBCW. here’s how he did it:

Ok a few notes on the transmitter:

1.) Base was a section of 10mm Tanallised MDF appropriated from a skip many months ago, shaped and sanded to replace the first failed hardboard option, paint warp!

Paint warp is a real pain, I minimise it by painting both sides of any card or MDF before starting to apply glue which causes the warping.

2.) Several large stones, left unpainted after all who can imitate nature better than herself!!
3.) Sections of an entrance hall mat liberated from a neighbours Monday morning Bin Pile under cover of darkness provided passable dead Bracken…passable in my mind at least.
NB; Items 2&3 held in place with lashings of one of those ‘No nails’ type things…need only one porous surface…ideal.

A man after my own heart, raiding discarded rubbish, and bins…

4.) Corrugated card that has lain in my Bureau for nigh on two years awaiting that ‘special project’…combined with some 5mm foamcore to provide strength and rigidity to form the Nissan hut. Trimmed matchsticks provided a rudimentary door frame. Painted in various Valejo shades but mostly Russian Uniform, same wash as stage 8. Latrine the same but using balsa for frame.
5.) Ground cover, watered PVA and builders sand liberally spread, painted burnt umber, highlights Vallejo earth with final drybrush of earth and sand mix.
6.) Liberal amounts of static grass…colour unknown but my favourite.
7.) Base of the tranmitter was a 50mm x 2mm warbase painted granite with a lighter drybrush to simulate concrete..ACW cavalry base.
8.) The Transmitter was composed of 4 sections of plastic modelling material from a local model shop with GW plastic sprue added at the top. Fixings in the ground were screw in loops from broken curtain rings and garden wire providing a poor representation of guy cables. All sprayed black and highlighted granite and silver with a GW flesh wash and silver mix to simulate rust.
9.) Resin crates and barrels bought at show orginally for 28mm Italian Wars project donkeys ago. Some wire cable reels using garden wire, balsa dowel and corrugated card. Balsa planks and garden wire cables.

All told about 5 nights work on and off. A pleasure to make after a false start, a joy to present and the comments received justified the effort.

Indeed – despite my own scenic efforts this terrain piece was a highlight of the day and heavily fought over.

Thanks to Roo !

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