AVBCW 2013 04 13: Food & Links

As we have so many players, so few food outlets nearby, and can’t rely on everyone turning up with much more than a curly cheese sandwich, I include catering for my Big Games in the Village Hall:

This ensures that people don’t go driving off into dangerous terrain in deepest darkest Herefordshire. It is done by local caterers using local (organic) produce for the most part. Anyway, there is the spread we had on Saturday which 9 grown men could not finish off !
(Not quite the full spread as the gannets had already descended and started stripping the table bare)

If anyone in Herefordshire wants to know the names of the caterers I use, contact me as I can seriously recommend them – extremely good value for money.


Here are some alternate reports on the events of Saturday…

Radio Ga-Ga – JP’s take on things (Table 2)

Richard’s take on events. And yet more A/C for my RCW/BoB armour park…

More to come…

2 Responses to AVBCW 2013 04 13: Food & Links

  1. JP says:

    Which silly sod demanded packed lunches?
    Oh yeah…

  2. I guess the Stormboli bread is much more tempting than a half stale cheese sarnie ? 😉
    Glad you enjoyed it anyway, I am sure it if is cheaper in the long run than a packed lunch as well.

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