Made Glorious, the March Violets

As per my previous Snippet, the tracks on the album (Made Glorious) will have been remixed, so the EPs (good as they are) will have different versions to the album tracks.

There are slightly different mixes of most tracks, We Are All Gods III is very different. I really wanted to put them on, they are part of the original intent.
Teasing? There is one absolutely stonking Remix by Skin Job which will most certainly become a dance floor filler. Guess which track?

Guess us Pledgers will find out soon…

…because we are expecting an early listen to the entire album this month.

Good job I pledged.

One Response to Made Glorious, the March Violets

  1. Si says:

    Hope you and the other pledgers like it, we seriously appreciate your support and at the moment it is just for you 🙂

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