Goblin Green Scenery ?

Way back when…when I was 16…Goblin Green was the base colour of choice, yes really. Looking at the photos or some o the AVBCW games recently the Goblin Green base coat for my barn jarred somewhat.

Ok it was a card and paper build I did when I was 16, and jazzed up a bit when I was 18 or so. But still, it was time to renovate it and bring it up to date.

So some of the base biscuit paint for the base paint, and then the usual mix of dark scatter material, followed by medium green static grass.

Then I followed it up by adding some of the block paving paper that I bought – ISTR cursing not painting the interior of the building even back when I was 16 and now cursed trying to get the paper to fit into the interior of the barn. It worked in the end.

<img src="” alt=”” />

Along with a tiny bit for the side door.

And added some leaves to represent ivy as well to replace the VERY faded flock I’d used all those years ago.

Whilst waiting or that lot to dry I did some more Cd scatter bases for BoB and AVBCW.

Now for some more Warhammer…

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