BoB: Austin Armoured Car Part 2

Sometime ago Byakhee Rich helped pin together a Sloppy Jalopy Austin (Mark 3) Armoured car for me. I then painted it, and waited to acquire some transfers/decals to apply identity markings to it.

Well the transfers arrived yesterday from Brigade Games, and they were used in anger. (there is no way I could paint this accurately without a lot of effort and patience. The roundels on the turrets are the roundels used by the Russians in WW1 and carried over into the White Russian army later.

The Skull & Cross bones on the front was quite a common marking for Russian and German vehicles and helps tie in with the Shock Troopers. The Imperial Eagle on the back is very alohistorical, but helps identify it as a White Russian Vehicle.

Looking up the stats or this armourec car, Tom Hillman in his book “Armoured Automobiles of the RCW 1918-1920“, has fiound that this was the most advanced o armoured cars used, but that records indicate a mere 60 were imported to Russia.

Many of the armies in the RCW used it, along with the British as well in WW1. various models were built but the Mark 3 was the most numerous.

This Austin is in use by the Don Army (the Don Cossacks) and may be early on as it only has the Don Cossack symbol (yellow roundel with black triangle representing an arrowhead that has been used shot into a stag, and this was also used on Don aircaft as well). This will be used on my next kit to make it different, allow me to field a different faction on the field.

More details here on wiki.

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