BoB Shock Troops, the second unit UPDATED

Well as indicated I have done a second unit of Russian Shock Troops for my BoB armies.

First few photos are here, and I’ll amend this posting tomorrow when the full unit is done.

Here are two standard bearers. One I’ve done with the Russian tricolour, and the second I’ve done with the standard that seems to be typical of the shock troopers, with the deaths head.

I couldn’t find any copies of this standard on the internet, so I made my own using Google Translate (1st Company, Shock) to translate into Russian. I have since manipulated the graphics a bit more but it looks good enough.

Here’s the full unit including commanders, and I added some stick grenades from the Warlord/Bolt Action German Infantry plastic kit to bulk them out as I thought the original troops were a bit light on them:

I painted them with black Gymnasterkas, as noted in the White Armies of the Russian Civil War book (Deryabin/Hillman) officers of the General Staff began to wear them in 1916 onwards and these were the oficers that went on to join the White cause. As many of the shock troopers and Colourfull regiments also used black, it seemed a good way to differentiate this unit from the first one I did.

I am awaiting the new transfers from Brigade Games to complete this unit.

3 Responses to BoB Shock Troops, the second unit UPDATED

  1. steven mortimore says:

    Very nice mate.

  2. Ta, rest of the unit was painted, and then I decided to drop them on the floor which has necessitated some touch ups, so the rest of the unit should be photographed tomorrow.

    Doh !

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