Special Guest Superstar DJ: High Elves in red dresses and big girls’ blouses

So whilst waiting for the new camera to take some pictures, here’s some WHFB High Elves.

Byakhee Stuart painted up a bunch of High Elves in red for a change, a few photos of which have appeared before, but he finished off the entire army…and then sold it so some lucky guy in France.

The shots show the completed items with their custom built movement trays – I used some old LOTR ruined wall sections and stuck some corner sections on the trays so it looks like the infantry are holding part of a ruined village or something. The cavalry, who like wide open spaces, just have plain ones – I’ve seen cavalry trays done with bits of ruins on and I think it looks wrong.

Stuart also commented that the bases were done to match in with his Tomb Kings army (more of which to come later).

Full set of pictures are here.

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