AVBCW: Big Game Hereford 2013 – 2

Charge !

The Chance card pulled indicated the two commanders had met before and hated each other this caused the entire set of armies to collide with each other in the most massive brawl and hand to hand combat I (or anyone present) had seen in an AVBCW game.

The cavalry finally did what they are meant to do and charge into combat, and they caused a lot of damage. Though they were eventually ground don by the socialists in subsequent rounds of combat.

In the meantime, Table 2 had delivered a decisive result – victory for the Royalists and BUF – the telephone trilled on Table 1 weith the victorious Blackshorts on the line confirming victory and that they had not found the Bishop of Hdereford. Both sides in Table 1 did a hasty search of all remaining buildings and the Bishop was found…

In a privy, behind the Royalist/BUF lines !

As were the Twiggy Mommet protestors, who fought on outnumbered and distracted well over 20 BUF infantry. If it wasn’t for the other Chance Cards in play the extra BUF would have made victory even more crushing.

Roo’s SA Rugby squad, seeing the melee mistook it for a rugby scrum and piled in.

Jim’s Hot Rod (Steam Tank) faxced off agains the BUF’s Big Beast.

Whilst Tom’s Cavalry surged across the river outflanking Jim’s Anglican’s.
Even the late arrival of Mort’s fleeing troops could not stop the BUF and Royalists, who a couple of rounds later received reinforcements as Tym and JP’s troops arrived. The game was over, Ledbury was lost and the Bishop had been captured.

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