AVBCW: Big Game Hereford 2013 – 0

Well we’ve been planning this Big Game for several months, as a follow on from last year’s (if anyone has some photos of that game please let me know).

As commented earlier, a Big Game is precisely that, you hire a village hall or similar locations and have huge tables with lots of players.

In our case, JP and I have gone for two tables 10×6, which takes a serious amount of scenery. Luckily as Scenery Boy, I have that amount of scenery, though I have had to up my game on this one !

Is that a crashed car ?

Here’re some pictures for the tables we will be using for the Siege of Ledbury Part 2.

Of course JP and I put this together in less than an hour or so tonight and will be adding to this.

But it goives you an idea of the size of the games.

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