Scale – Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

We all know about scale creep in our figures, but there’s ongoing issues with vehicles. 28mm is not a scale, it’s a size and it’s very difficult to pin down what scale it really is.

– HLBSCo Rolls Royce (now OOP) 28mm
– Copplestone, 1/55th
– Corgi 1/50th

The old HLBSCo is really tiny – its on a base that has a second card layer to jack it up a bit so it looks almost as tall as the Copplestone, but is much shorter. The Corgi one towers over both.

All can be used, but you’d need to keep them in separate units and not leave them next to each other before our suspension of disbelief evaporated !

And then there are ranges of vehicles in 1/48th and 1/56th scales as well. It’s all a bit of a mess and you have to be careful when buying stuff so that it will fit in with your existing collection. Caveat emptor.

Still all of them are nice models. The Corgi belongs to Byakhee JP and may well get an outing this Saturday at the Big Game we are organising for AVBCW.

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