Monopoly Tokens – Cat !

Well there is a new Monopoly token: the Cat, which replaces the Iron. This change prompted this article in the Torygraph today:

For what can appear, at first acquaintance, to be a small, fur-coated, heat-seeking digestive tract that sleeps 16 hours a day, this is some achievement.

I wish mine slept 16 hours a day, they have wrecked the lounge curtains by going curtain climbing, and done a heck of a lot of bag diving and box nudging in the last few days ! Not to mention figure dabbing and paint pot rolling. All because I refuse to turn the weather off.

[Monty’s cat jumps onto the sofa]
Uncle Monty: Get that damned little swine out of here!
[he lunges at it and it runs off]
Uncle Monty: It’s trying to get itself in with you, it’s trying for even more advantage! It’s obsessed with its gut, it’s like a bloody rugby ball now! It will die, it will die!
Withnail: Monty, Monty…
Uncle Monty: No, no, no, dear boy, you must leave, you must leave. Yet again that oaf has destroyed my day!

One commentator said it only costs 40p per day.
I wish…

Meanwhile there are some Bolsheviks and White Russian commands to be photo’d tomorrow…

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