Tree ! Tree ! Tree !

As scenery boy I have a lot of trees, and for the upcoming AVBCW Battle of Ledbury that JP & I are organising for the 16th February, I got some more Trees !

Really, How Interesting

Big trees, not any of the titchy ones. As we have 28mm figures they need to be convincingly big. These are for my AVBCW, BoB and AWI projects, and could be used for WHFB too.

The latest acquisitions are pine trees, so several can be put on a single CD scenery base:

(That’s a Copplestone explorer 28mm size figure to give you an idea of their size)

For the larger deciduous trees, there’s one per CD base to help avoid them being knocked over which given their size is a real risk:

The bases have my usual brown flock and static grass on them, with the static grass mostly around the edges: partly to help disrupt the regular circular nature of the CD base; and also because grass does not grow so well under trees as the trees take up all the moisture and block out the sunlight.

The general gaming convention is that if a unit is “in the woods” one or more of their figures are placed on the base, and the rest of the unit are in base to base contact with the scenery base (within reason).

The trees are Woodland Scenics that I buy from Antics, and are 12cm+. They are imported so I often have to do special orders to get them in time for events. They do however look the part. Unsurpisingly, there will be one or two photos of the board set ups, and of the games themselves for next weekend.

On a 6×4 board, a couple of these stands of trees would be imposing. However, as I am attempting to dress two 12×6 boards on the 16th, you need substantially more scenery so I am aiming for half a dozen tree stands for each board at least.

3 Responses to Tree ! Tree ! Tree !

  1. Stuart Priest says:

    English for Aliens, just pure classic humour, happy days..

    • The Queen in Yellow and I used to make the same comment when we got bored “Really how interesting” and we used to pick up on it and had to stifle laughs when one of us made the comment at a dinner party. Cruel but necessary.

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