BoB: Bolshevik Characters – Freedom from the White Oppression !

Rummaging around in the Playrom and I found some more bolsheviks that in decided to finish painting

A Copplestone Bolshevik mounted standard bearer. the flag is acquired from the internet and translates as “Freedom form the White Oppression”. I have a few more flags with slogans to add to my Bolshevik standard bearers.

Next up is a bit stranger, an Artizan figure:

A Bolshevik dominatrix in red leather ? Yup entirely historical:

Nina Pavlovna Lebedeva-Kyashko, an officious 21 year-old Moscovite, paraded about shamelessly in furs, jewelry and clothing of burzhui victims, and ‘wives of the commisars’ and ’employees of the Requisition Commission’ followed suit. When not modelling the wardrobes of her victims, Kyashko reputedly strutted about ‘armed to the teeth’ and habitually clad in dark red leather.

(White Terror, Cossack Warlords of the Trans-Siberian, Bisher, 2005, p243)

Just some more Commissars. Time to start painting the rest of the army.

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  1. PanzerKaput says:

    They are nicely painted figures there

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