Special Guest Superstar DJ: Empire Luminark

Byakhee Rich has been busy sniffing glue building an Empire Luminark, or is that loonyark ?

This is one of the latest GW kits that has potential for dual roles/construction. Rich goes into more details of the construction process here.

Looks like a nice big piece of machinery he’ll be fielding, and I must finish off the crew of the the Dwarf Juggernaut ASAP !

One thing that caught my attention, was the basing he did:

The wheels are all double sided, so make sure you get the design you want to see facing outwards – I went with the magical symbols rather than the Sigmar stylings. Then I assembled the horses too.

It might look like I have stuck the whole model straight onto the base, but that would restrict later modelling steps and definitely painting. What I actually did is blu-tack a small piece of card to each wheel / hoof, put a spot of glue on each, and then place the model onto the base in the position I wanted, Then you can remove the models:

and the base has handy markers for where all the wheels and feet will stick. Now I can go ahead and landscape the base without worryng about obstructing the model. In this case it will be pretty basic, with PVA sand and a few small rocks and plants I think.

And from this photo you can just about see where the wheels and hooves are going to be placed in the now textured/modelled base:

This is a good idea and whilst I’ve done more primitive variants of it, one I’ll be copying in the future.
And the crew, are of course mounted on magnets so he can swap them round.

Whilst we can moan about the cost of GW products, at least with their latest plastic kits they are pushing the boundaries of model building and wargames figures.

One Response to Special Guest Superstar DJ: Empire Luminark

  1. Stuart Priest says:

    very nice, I do love this wacky contraption, especially the acolyte hangng on the back there.

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