BoB/RCW White Russian Guard

One of this week’s projects was to finish of the White Russian Guard unit. The White Russians were notorious for having more a disproportionate number of officers to men, so officers often had to be fielded as normal infantry.

With their smart uniforms, I have designated this as one of the White Guard units to separate them from the more ragged White Russian infantry which is also about ready.

Again these are basic Copplestone BU34.

Ironically, to make a change from Foundry Moss, I have used one of the Foundry WW2 paints – Soviet summer tan. Not sure if these are still available, but it does break up the endless montone khaki a bit, and again the Russian army in WW1 and then both Reds and Whites had enormous problems in getting consistant supplies of uniforms to their troops.

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