BoB: Triffids

Ok, well I bought these ages and ages ago for Back Of Beyond, but finally got them assembled and Painted for Xmashammer 2012 as they fitted well with the Lustrian background.

Triffids in BoB ?:

The 1981 TV series and some editions of the book have Masen speculating that the triffids were the creation of the real-life Soviet biologist Trofim Lysenko. According to Masen’s narration, the triffids first came to the attention of the Western world when a man named Umberto Christoforo Palanguez presented the Arctic & European Fish Oil Company with a mysterious vegetable oil originating from Russia.

So they must have had some root (ha ha) stock to have developed them for the oil, so these Triffids might be their precursors, hidden away in sparsely populated reaches of Central Asia, or maybe they are precursors developed by the Reds as bio terror weapon (cue spooky music). So I forced myself to watch the BBC TV series from the 1980’s [1] that I watched as a kid to see what they were like.

The actual miniatures were from HLBSCo (The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Co) and are no longer available. 😦

Yes, you’ve guessed it, the stinger is separate and fitted into a small notch in the “flower” at the top

So they had to be taken to Rich’s Pinning Service (c), to be pinned and also have some greenstuff added to support the weight of the sting. Luckily I’d put them on metal washers for the base, which helps “weigh” them down as otherwise they’d be falling over as they are quite top heavy.

I then painted them to match the TV series ones:

The sting itself is a bit more purple than appears in the photos.

Here’s the rules I hastily wrote up for Xmashammer 2012:

M = 2
Ws = 0
BS = 5
S = 5
T = 4*
W = 2
A = 1
I = 2
Ld = n/a / 10 immune to psychology

Triffids cause Fear.
Poisoned attacks on a to hit roll of 5-6.
A Triffid counts as a Skirmisher (-1 to hit)
They cause a single Stomp attack, S2.
They may make a single missile attack in the shooting phase with a range of 4″. This ignores any armour unless the model has a helmet on (WISYWIG).
In combat, they make a single missile attack. They may not choose targets, they must attack the model directly in front of them with the greatest base to base contact.

* Halve all mundane missile weapons’ strength, except those caused by warmachines

In the game they were a nuisance but delayed at least one of Gav’s Arrer boy units for a round or two.

[1] Not the abomination of the remake from a few years ago !

WHFB: Xmashammer 2012 Day Two

Day Two starts with us deploying reserves and (part of) my army.

Needless to say a shiney dragon’s tail overhanging from the edge of the table attracted the attention of BlackJack, and we had to move it fast following the first exploratory dab with a cat’s paw almost hooked it off the table and onto the tiled floor.

The Eagles are coming !

It took til the fourth turn for all my troops to come on. This was due to the Orc artillery being placed only a few inches in from the board, and because several large units of Orcs and Goblins had spent time squabbling ratheer than moving forward.

I deployed the Silver Talons (30 DE Spears) on the flank to fend off the inevitable flank attack by HE heavy cavalry.

Hoever, it was the turn of the HE and Empire to start, so our forces were pinned down immediately including the inevitable charge by the cavalry onto the spearmen – which almost won combat if it were not for the fact I was steadfast. Elsewhere we had “wind back time” due to Gav forgetting he had to release his Goblin Fanatics into the fleeing remains of the White Wolf knights, which were predictably ddestroyed, and for the HE and Empire to destroy the whirling loonies. The DE bolt throwers reaped a heavy harvest, but in return about 30 HE Spearmen charged my Dark Riders and pursued them off the board on our extreme flank.

After much humming and hawing, the demi-gryphs climbed the pyramid, to be attacked by the Spider riders – and destroy them. The Emperor on his gopld dragon pussyfooted around, before finally commiting a flank charge into my DE Silver Talons that finally destroyed them after 3 turns in combat. The Orcs and Goblins still found time squabble in amongst this and eventually my Cold One Knights wandered over to their side of the board but had no one to engage in combat. I blew up one of my own sorceresses, and Gav blew up on of his shamen. the trolls aided by their General destroyed the Steam Tank.

The final act came when after several rounds of combat the Phoenix Guard finally defeated Harboth’s horde, and my Cold One Chariot supported by Goblins bounced off the another unit of HE Spearmen that had been brought up to support them on the flank.

And that was the end of the game – at nearly midnight !

The forces of Good had triumphed – by quite some way.

Players perspectives to follow.

AGW: Finally an American Senator tells it like it is

Finally an American Senator calls out the deniers on their campaign of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD):

For more than two decades the climate denial movement has been well organized and funded by the fossil fuel industry and conservative ideologues and foundations. The mission of these paid-for deniers is to “manufacture uncertainty,” to manufacture doubt, so the polluters can keep polluting.

This isn’t new. We’ve seen self-serving strategies like this one before: they questioned the merits of requiring seatbelts; they questioned CFCs causing the deterioration of the ozone layer; they questioned the toxic effects of lead exposure; and they questioned whether tobacco was bad for you—same strategy to manufacture doubt; often the same cast of characters.

So, when it comes to big corporate polluters of today leaving our children and grandchildren a damaged and more dangerous world, where then is the concern for those children and grandchildren? To have children and grandchildren pay for the care of their grandparents through Medicare and Social Security is a sin and an outrage. To force on them the untold costs and consequences of the harms done by today’s corporate polluters? For that, the future generations’ interests receive nothing from the Republicans but stony silence, or phony and calculated denial.

How did we get into this mess, when this is the anomalous speech ? Why is the body of Evidence(TM) built up over 150+ years ignored by the deniers ?

Here’s a piece from the Torygraph that is thought provoking:

Why is it acceptable, in certain educated circles, to cheerfully express total ignorance of the largest, and most important, domain of human knowledge? Someone who professed to know nothing about, say, music, or books, would be rightly scoffed at. But it’s fine, apparently, to be clueless about science and maths.

Because the deniers rely on ideology rather than science.
In fact they rely on the gullibility and ignorance of the public.
Which quite frankly is rather insulting.

WHFB: Xmashammer 2012 Day One

On Day One, each general was allowed to field up to 4,000 points from their 5,000 points army. Byakhees Jim and Gavin fielded Skaven and Orcs, and then Rich and Anthony fielded Empire and High Elves respectively. As host for two days, and as GM, I did not field an army on Day One as I have found it very difficult to host four players and attempt a semblance of order on the games as well as trying to play my own army.

Here’s the table, showing the ruins of Copalotothat:

First surprise was Rich’s deployment of the Folding Fortress of Fozzrick:

Meanwhile, the players were unearthing their treasure troves of figures, including Jim whose wife had bought him yet more Skaven for Xmas:

Nominally the players arrived at 11am, but it was not until gone 1pm thatb we actually started the game – its takes a lot of time to deploy 4 x 4,000 points. Rich deployed a unit of X-bowmen in the tower, and then both he and Anthony deployed a lot of heavy cavalry. Jim had lots of plague monks and a screaming bell as well as sundry war machines, and Gavin’s Orcs had several massed hordes.

And their opponents the Empire & High Elf alliance:

With Pistolier outriders:

These, along with the Drakwald Greencoats,flanked the Skaven and Orcs hoping to get at their artillery, only to be driven off.

In the centre, the armies headed straight for each other.

The fleet of foot Empire and HE armies seized the objectives early on. The secret surprises started to be revealed, with the Rich being able to summon triffids from the jungle terrain.

Whilst the Orcs & Goblins squabbled, the Skaven entered combat with the enemy.

The Skaven caused a lot of damage whilst the Trolls finally got into combat with the Steam Tank.

There was a lot of cobat, a lot of shooting, and units were runing hither and thither, and this after only two turns, but then a large surprise happened, the entire Skaven army fled the scene of battle, and my Dark Elves had arrived pursuing them for a hitherto unknown reason, to find their hated enemies locked in battle with long time “allies” hte greenskins…

(AKA: Jim had to disappear for domestic reasons so I took over, with the 2,000 points Jim had left plus the 1,000 points for Day Two)

More to follow tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Clawed was deeply unimpressed with all this: