Rules: God of Battles to be published

Well back in late September I got hold of God of Battles at Colours. Since then there has been a deathly silence about the rules as if they had not been released…which pretty much sums the situation up. They hadn’t and somehow I’d stumbled on a pre release copy (?).

Well today I noticed an anomalous number of viewers (thanks) and tracked it down to a web site it was the author Jake Thornton’s own web site. Sometimes having web stats is actually useful !

Like it says in the title, God of Battles finally has a date set for its official release: the 1st of March 2013.

Seems my review is one of the few (only?) reviews of his new rules sets God of Battles. Now I’ve done a solo game and it certainly lived up to my expectations since I’d written the review in September. So another solo game and maybe a multi player game will be in the offing.

The rules themselves will be published in March, but as yet no announcement on the Foundry or TMP websites.

One Response to Rules: God of Battles to be published

  1. Quirkworthy says:

    Hi there! I was looking at your site yesterday to ask if you’d had a game of GoB yet and what you thought once it was on the table. Couldn’t find any contact details though, and the comments on that post were closed. Looking forward to your game play review.


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