WHFB: Carnosaur

Before the GW Bitz service went the way of the Dodo, I indulged in getting some kits for projects that were over the horizon, over the hills and far away. Well as commented previously I found a box of these in the playroom and in preparation for the Storm of Magic game took the Carnosaur to Uncle Richard’s Pinning Service (TM), as I knew it was going to be needing pinning as it is the metal version of the model.

In yer face !

I painted it in shades of green to fit in with my DE Cold Ones, as this is the main army it will be deployed with, rather than the GW theme of red and sand.

I originally had in mind this model as a mount for an Amazon General, but that is years away (?) and doesn’t really fit with the ideas I have for that army, but I’m sure with some tinkering and magnets, a solution for that could be found.

Anyway, its a nice model and another figure (5 points!) painted rather than residing in a box in bits.

One Response to WHFB: Carnosaur

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Really nice metal model that one, and easy to assemble. I’ve got one in my own Lizardman army but it’s so long since I had that out I couldn’t tell you what colour it is! Looks good in Dark Elf scaly green though.

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