2013 Plans & Motivation

On various chat forums the question has been asked as to what your plans are for 2013. I’ve certainly found keeping the painting log and this blog going a good incentive to actually carry out the plans I had each year. A quick chat with the local GW manager this morning also helped spur me to write this post, and to identify what 2013 will see in terms of buying, building, painting and playing with my toys.


  • Round out my BUF command units
  • Finish off the Cavalry
  • Add something odd for the BUF
  • Complete the MHC infantry and commands
  • Do their cavalry
  • Add a quirky unit for them, no idea what just yet.
  • Organise a Big Game in February (underway)
  • Play more games !

That way I have two complete armies for AVBCW: the BUF Three Counties Legion; and the quasi Royalist MHC.
Currently I will have to break through my painter’s block on the BUF cavalry. As I commented to JP last w/e, I really can’t stand the thought of painting more black, and more horse.

For Back of Beyond:

  • Finish of my White Cossack Cavalry (should be done by February)
  • Shock, Guard and Ragged Infantry to be painted
  • Command, HMG and field Guns to be finished to round out the equivalent of two armies
  • Similarly finish off Chinese army with support and command units
  • Similarly my Mongols could do with a few more elements to their army
  • Complete at least one of every armoured car and tank model I have (yeah the second armoured vehicle park I have)
  • Organise a Big Game !

This should give me a total of 3 White armies to mix and match, a Chinese and a Mongolian army. I’d like to say I’d start my Reds and British-Indian armies but lets not get too hasty !

For Laserburn:

  • More infantry and characters – I struggle to furnish 3 gangs with appropriate figures, so I’ll take a swipe at this
  • A few more vehicles
  • Some emplacements and heavy weapons
  • A few more quick wins on the scenery front – buildings
  • Play at least 3 games in one year !

I’d like to see JP’s scenery in a game.

For Warhammer:

  • The Completion of the last couple of DE Infantry units
  • Chariots with heroes
  • Monsters ridden by heroes
  • More Cold One Knights
  • Start a new Army….could it be Dwarves, Hobgoblins or Amazons… ?

This emphasis on heroes will mean a lot of more detailed painting, which should offset the khaki hue of AVBCW and BoB. I hope. This should complete my DE army and I’ll have to take a panoramic photo of it as it will include c200 infantry, c80 cavalry and much more besides !


  • Tidy up the play room
  • Paint and deploy the detritus I find !
  • Sell the rest
  • Continue this blog !

I aim to break the 3,000 figures painted barrier mid year, which with all the other painted figures I have should take me to well over 4,000 painted figures which will be nice.

Maybe someday I’ll get to the AWI project that is stacked up !

Share your plans for 2013 and we can see how we progress.


Well so along with the paint log, and the manifesto outlined above, what else am I going to keep myself motivated in 2013 to churn out a precession of hopefully well painted (to wargames standard) miniatures ? Well the GW store manager also invited me to take part in his store’s monthly painting contest which is not about perfection (allegedly) but about novelty and getting people to paint stuff. The Carnosaur (upcoming) is probably not my best paint job its sufficient for the odd times it will come out, but I think i might actually indulge in entering a competition for the first time. So I reckon I’ll use this as a chance to motivate myself to build and paint fully one of my DE heroes on mount – maybe a manticore as some of them are close to being ready for a lick of paint.

Somehow I’m guessing a non GW model won’t cut any ice in the competition.

Anyway this is an interesting idea, and I’d like to know what keep you motivated to build, paint and deploy models.

Is the use of blogs, and social media forums a good way of maintaining your motivation ?

Answers please.


3 Responses to 2013 Plans & Motivation

  1. Stuart Priest says:

    Wow, big plans. As for me well my plans included completing my boney horde of Tomb Kings including FINALLY finishing that custom hierotitan thingy. Also painting more of my Son’s 40K Chaos Space Marines and making a good start on my Daughter’s funky ‘fruit salad’ style High Elves. Possible start of another WFB army, possibly gobbos or savage orcs, not sure yet. The biggest aim is to sort out a portable gaming provision, i.e. a Realm of Battle so me and the boy can play. At present we are restricted to playing on the floor (dining table is not big enough) or going to the local store and mixing it with the sweaty trainer brigade – honestly gents a lot of us don’t help our reputation by a basic absence of personal hygenie. You might love your Orcs but there’s nothing in the army book that states you have to smell like them.

  2. Fruit salad High Elves – the mind boggles !?
    What are they ?????
    My back up game boards are simple 2×4′ chipboard, wave some paint at them and they’re good to go and easy to store, especially when doubling as loft boards as mine did originally.
    Good to know you’re still playing on the floor like we used to, what 30 years ago ? :-O
    Which reminds me I must send you some stuff. 🙂

  3. Byakhee Rich says:

    Goal for 2013 – model and paint a themed Vampire Counts army of up to 5000 points (yes, I’m limiting myself on this one!) ready for Xmashammer 2013!

    Of course I should first finish the Empire army which was meant to be completed for Easter 2012 (in my defence a new army book scuppered that!)

    For motivation, definitely find the internet and the extended group of contacts there to be a big help, positive comments are always encouraging, and it’s a good source of ideas to help push through painter’s block. The other key is my vow never to play games with unpainted models or proxies, so if I want to game I have to paint!

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