WHFB: Arcane Fulcrum

Byakhee Jim and I had our first game using the WHFB supplement Storm of Magic on Monday – battle report to follow shortly.

In preparation, I had to get four arcane fulcrums ready, now I have enough scenery to do three, but had to locate and complete one of the actual GW models that was located in the geological strata of the Playroom floor:

I got all the GW plastic kits when the produced them for Storm of Magic. This was the easiest to put together.

Some of the others when I tried fitting them together showed a lot of gaps/warpage and will need a lot of filling and greenstuff. I’ll get round to them eventually as they are very nice models.

Continuing on from the discussion of my “figure equivalent” discussion, this is a 5 point item, due to its size and complexity.

All those flipping Skulz…

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