WHFB: Xmashammer 2012: Gavin’s View

Here is Byakhee Gavin’s thoughts on the game – he doesn’t get out much as he should do but he’s played several games recently and is slowly mastering the latest rule book for his beloved Orcs & Goblins:

This was probably the most enjoyable game I’ve had yet.

With the exception of a couple of minor errrors (no more than anyone else makes) I think I played as well as a I possibly could have done.

All credit to Richard and Anthony, for a strategy that eventually paid off. Even though that didn’t become obvious until the last turn.

Major lessons learnt from this one:
– having enough room to breath
– lack of space forced us to sub optimum deployment options.

We were forced into decisions we wouldn’t have made due to lack of space. Particularly as on the side of the Orc/Skaven/DE who accentuated the problem by claiming the high ground for the artillery which then blocked a huge chunk of our side of the board on day one and more importantly day two.

I enjoyed the Lustria scenery and the mist in the first round was a nice idea. Triffids were just fun despite us being on the wrong end !

Spider riders are not unique in being able to climb terrain (demi-gryphs) but this was the first time I’d used them so…

Next time I’ll keep an eye out for his Goblin Fanatics and make sure they are triggered properly ! 😉

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