Xmashammer 2012

Yes, here it is, Xmashammer 2012, two days of games, beer, wine, pizza and curry.

The Scenario

Deep in the jungles of deepest darkest Herefordshire Lustria, is the ruins of the city of Copalotaothat.
Within these ruins are rumoured to be great riches, and there is a race to gain those riches.
There will be the stepped pyramid oif Itzadotal, the head of Notalotabotl and the recumbent remains of Litatraybox.
In order to win the rights to loot the ancient city, you must win on the following Victory Points:
– Number of PV left at the end of the battle
– Plus 200 points per tile of the board occupied with no enemy presence
– 100 points per tile where you have the greater points value
– 400 points for occupying the pyramid of Itzadotal
– 200 points for the head of Notalotobtal
– 100 points for the remains of Litatraybox
The city also has other notable features, like the eldritch statues: For each Wizard/spellcaster/runesmith in base contact with them then you add a d6 to your Power/Dispel Dice Pool.
The rules from the Lustria supplement: Loose Order; Events, and Encounters will be used
There will be other surprises on top of this.
Yup, this is the third year of Xmashammer, two days of about half a dozen of us having a no holds barred game of Warhammer, each fielding armies of 5,000 points (each).
I’ll be posting the Evidence(TM) of this mayhem over the next few days, including some scenery you haven’t seen before.
But we’ll start with the board….


5 Responses to Xmashammer 2012

  1. N Williams says:

    Looking forward to the results. 5,000 points each will be epic.

  2. Byakhee Rich says:

    Nearly midnight and I’m still struggling to select an army SMALL enough for tomorrow’s game…!

  3. Stuart Priest says:

    Epic names, love it. That’s part of this hobby I just love.

  4. Byakhee Rich says:

    End of Day One… it has certainly been Epic. Mostly an Epic thrashing for my side so far…

  5. N Williams says:

    You should play Ogres instead Rich. Or Dark Elves.

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