BoB/RCW: More Standard bearers with alternate Russian standards

Well you can just never have enough.

Here’s a mounted Terek Cossack standard Bearer:

This flag as described as:

A variant of the flag was authorized for private use by Tsar Nicholas II before World War I, adding the large State eagle on a yellow field (Imperial Standard) in a canton in the top left-hand corner. This variant was never made the official state flag.

A colourful White Russian standard bearer to add variety to that army.

The “coat of arms flag”, erroneously called “Romanov dynastic flag”: the official national flag of the Russian Empire from 1858 to 1883. The flag is currently being used by Russian Nationalists and Monarchists

I thought this would be appropriate for the extreme natonalist colourful White Russian armies.

In both cases the figures are by Copplestone Castings with steel pins from Foundry.

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