Seasonal activities

The weather remains rubbish with low light levels. Today my godson’s electonics kit didn’t work because its light sensor couldn’t pick up enough light today to work properly when he’d wired it up for some process or t’other. I then returned home to find an e-mail from one of my mates commenting on Xmashammer 2012:

Iā€™m keen to nail this down as it dictates what I paint this week ā€“ apparently there is some sort of festival thingy about to interrupt my Winterval Painting Holiday?? Tsk.

No update likely tomorrow either, as I am going to the village hall Xmas dinner….to do the 150+ club draw…
Yeah, think of the Church Fete scene in Hot Fuzz…(For the Greater Good)

Our group has planned Xmashammer 2012, a two day extravaganza, with 4 players each fielding 5,000 points of their troops over two days, with a curry in between. And beer. And wine. More to follow on that.

As host I’m being a ref, but will be fielding troops to balance and antagonise and generally cause mayhem between all the players. šŸ˜‰

My own painting plans include more Cold One Knights and Cold One Chariots, and maybe another full scale Giant.
In the meantime some jokes and commentaries from the archives…

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