AVBCW: Medics

About time for some AVBCW stuff.

I’ve been lacking Medics to add to my command groups, so finally knuckled under and got some suitable figures.

Copplestone Honest Citizens ? (GN8)

In fact both these Doctors suffered a minor case of discombobulation this morning when Clawed threw up on them.
I suspect one of them will ne called Doc Morrisey. 😉

Also in the pack was a newspaper seller, so I thought I’d paint him up for a communications officer or somesuch chap.

Probably selling Action, or the The Daily Worker (Morning Star) or other dubious propaganda rag.

I have used a different scatter material for the bases as they are more likely to be found in urban situations.

3 Responses to AVBCW: Medics

  1. PanzerKaput says:

    They are great, lovely painted and a good all round idea.

  2. Byakhee Rich says:

    Both of those gentleman look a little too well-balanced and professional to be Doc Morrisey… besides, he might be more at home exploring “The Back of Beyond”…

    • Nothing a good brisk walk and cold shower couldn’t fix.
      Though of course they weren’t the only purchases from Copplestone… 😉
      And of course, remember that Doc Morrisey offed fascists with abandon.

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