Eldritch Statues

I availed myself of some of Copplestones’ Eldritch Statues (FMT5), they’re meant to be 15mm, but they look pretty good next to 28mm Archaeologists:

Resin pieces, based on Renadra 40mm round plastic bases. Copplestone Female Archaeologist (BC19) for scale.

And here they are again with a Pulp miniatures Lady Jane (PHP04):

I got these on a whim, they’re 15mm so they could go well with 15mm Laserburn (somewhere in the archives is a copy of White Dwarf that has a Traveller/CoC scenario and I’ve done a short lived adventure in that genre as well).

And we all know that the Plateau of Leng is in the Himalayas/Central Asia, so what are the chances of a BoB game having some of these inputs ? 😉

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